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    Czech hotel guests wake to hundreds of bats in room (video)

    A terrifying encounter was experienced by an anonymous couple who had checked into an ageing three-star hotel in Plzeň, the capital of the Pilsen Region in the Czech Republic. The couple was shocked to discover several hundred bats sharing their room when they woke up. The couple explained that due to the warm weather on the night of their stay,…

  • Thailand News

    Monitor lizards’ amorous display in hospital car park sparks lottery number frenzy

    A video clip of two large monitor lizards embracing each other in a hospital parking lot, before scurrying under a hospital bed, has been shared on Facebook by Bunthanya Wachirawongsarak. The clip was filmed while Bunthanya was waiting for her car insurance to be processed. The sight of the lizards in a loving embrace seemed so unusual and cute that…

  • Thailand News

    Prachuap Khiri Khan volunteers record incredible elephant encounter (video)

    Volunteers in Thailand’s Prachuap Khiri Khan province recorded an incredible encounter with an elephant. The volunteers from Jungle Aid, a charitable organisation, were treated to a breathtaking experience during their journey to deliver donations and supplies, as well as promote dental care, to local villagers. While travelling along the picturesque Pala-U Road, the volunteers had an unforgettable encounter with a…