• Business News

    The rise of Digital Nomadism: A guide for Thailand’s wanderers

    These days, work is no longer defined by being locked within four office walls from 9 to 5. The world is going through a transformation and that includes the way we work. The nomadism trend is just an example of how the borders between the types of lifestyle disappear and people become able to combine different elements of travel, adventures,…

  • Best of

    Top 10 coworking & office spaces in Bangkok: Ultimate guide for professionals

    Are you a remote worker, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur looking to kickstart your business in Bangkok? Then you probably know that finding the ideal spot for your portable workstation can be quite a challenge. There’s only so long you can coffee-shop-hop, and sometimes, you need more than just a comfortable seat and good coffee. Thankfully, Bangkok is now bursting…

  • Crime News

    Coworker fatally shoots truck driver in dispute at housing block in Thailand

    A Thai truck driver challenged his coworker to a confrontation, only to face a real 9-millimetre gun in return. The driver fled the scene but later died from gunshot wounds at a five-storey building in the central Saraburi province last night, local police reported. A 31 year-old truck driver named Suwit was fatally shot in his stomach and left arm…