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    The secrets of ancient Thai log coffins in northwestern Thailand

    Many are unaware that the highlands of northwestern Thailand harbour dozens of caves, which serve as the final resting places for remarkable human burials dating back 1,000 to 2,300 years ago. These burials consist of large wooden coffins, some several metres long and crafted from a single tree trunk, mounted above the floor on wooden stilts, reflecting a mysterious Iron…

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    Thai man’s chilling TikTok coffin stunt sends shivers down online community’s spine

    In an eye-opening post on TikTok, a man is lying peacefully in a transparent chilled coffin, visible from both the inside and outside. Two days ago, this unusual demonstration managed to send both a chill and a shock throughout the online community. @chayuttapongboopao เย็นจนแข็ง #โลงเย็นแก้ว #โลงเย็นกระจก #วิเชียรบุรีโลงเย็น #โรงงานผลิตโลงศพโลงเย็น #โลงเย็น ♬ original sound – Fino the Ranad The clip shows a…

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    Man found alive after being buried in Guangxi province, China

    In an unbelievable turn of events, a man in Guangxi province, China was found alive after being buried in his own grave, throwing the entire village into a frenzy. The man’s wife, who had rushed home from work to attend his funeral, was in shock when she believed she heard her husband’s voice from underground. With the help of her…