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  • China News

    Revenge-driven woman assaults cab driver in Shanghai after infidelity discovery

    A love-scorned woman in Shanghai attempted to enact revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend by propositioning a taxi driver for a one-night stand inside his cab. The incident has drawn widespread attention on social media. This proposition was denied, resulting in an uncontrollable fit of anger that led to her assaulting the driver and vandalising his vehicle. This incident occurred after…

  • Crime News

    Altercation between foreigner and Phuket cab driver makes waves

    An altercation between a foreign motorbike rider and a Phuket cab driver is making waves. The popular Facebook page Phuket Times reported that the incident happened in front of a famous nightclub in Kamala. In a post early yesterday morning, the page wrote that the taxi driver, Adisak, had parked his car and was waiting for customers. A foreign motorbike…