black panther

  • Thailand News

    Black panther and cub spotted strolling through Thailand national park

    Photos of a “black panther,” or Indochinese leopard, and its cub strolling through Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand emerged today, capturing the hearts of wildlife enthusiasts around the nation. Kaeng Krachan National Park posted photos of the big cat and its baby on Facebook with the caption… “We meet again in the past two to three months. But this…

  • Asia

    Black panther killed in Malaysian road accident, sparks safety concerns

    A black panther was fatally struck by a car in the Malaysian town of Simpang Pertang on a Saturday afternoon, shocking animal lovers worldwide. The incident took place in the western region of Negeri Sembilan. Jelebu District Police disclosed that a 38 year old man driving with his family was involved in the accident. He reported that the adult male…

  • Crime News

    King of Thailand strips Premchai of insignia over outcome of ‘black panther’ case

    The King of Thailand has called back Premchai Karnasuta’s royal decorations and insignia due to the final verdict of the famous ‘black panther’ poaching case which resulted in the former construction tycoon’s imprisonment. In December 2021, the Supreme Court sentenced Premchai – the former president of the construction conglomerate Italian-Thai – to more than three years in jail after finding…