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    Discover Bangkok’s surprising hidden gems of tranquillity to escape chaos

    Craving an escape from Bangkok’s bustling streets? You’re in luck. Inside or just a stone’s throw from the city, a world of tranquillity awaits. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat in lush jungles or a quiet corner to soak in some history, there’s an array of hidden gems nearby. These serene spots, all within 2 to 3 hours of Bangkok,…

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    Asoke Bangkok: Thailand neighbourhood guide 2023

    Asoke Bangkok, located in the heart of Thailand’s vibrant capital city, is an area that offers the best of both worlds – a perfect blend of modern urban life and traditional Thai culture. Known for its bustling commercial district and lively nightlife, Asoke is a popular destination for locals and ex-pats alike, offering an array of shopping centers, entertainment venues,…