• Thailand News

    Thai racing champion faces backlash after gym altercation

    A well-known Thai racing driver is currently facing scrutiny after a video surfaced online showing the athlete assaulting a Mahidol University student in a condominium gym. The incident, which occurred on February 27, stemmed from a dispute over the use of gym equipment. The altercation took place in the late afternoon at 5.45pm when Non, a 21 year old student…

  • Cannabis

    Cannabis & athletes: The good, the bad, & the impact

    Exploring the impact of cannabis on athletic performance has become a hot topic in the sports world. With around one in four athletes reported to have used cannabis in the past year, the conversation around its effects, both positive and negative, is more relevant than ever. Despite the widespread use and interest, the truth about cannabis’s role in sports performance…

  • Health

    What to Expect When Undergoing ACL Surgery in Thailand

    A ligament injury, particularly Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), is a common medical condition seen among athletes and people with physically demanding jobs. Precision, expertise, and advanced techniques are the need of the hour for a successful surgery and postoperative recovery. Thailand, known for its top-notch medical infrastructure and high-ranking surgeons, is an ideal destination for an ACL surgery. ACL’s primary…