Am Cyanide

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    Suspected cyanide killer’s money trail leads to more potential victims

    The suspected cyanide killer’s money trail has led police to believe that there might be more victims. A comprehensive investigation into the finances of 36 year old Sararat ‘Am’ Rangsiwuthaporn, led the police to believe that around 20 people might have died, after transferring large sums of money to her in the past two years. Following the suspect’s money trail,…

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    Prosecutor reveals cyanide serial killer is guilty, but will avoid execution due to pregnancy

    A leading prosecutor revealed that the Thai cyanide serial killer criminal is indeed guilty, but will escape the death penalty due to clear law stating that pregnant women cannot be executed. Sanook reported this development on the case today. Yesterday, a chief prosecutor, Prawet Intharachumnum, spoke about the case of Sararat ‘Am’ Rangsiwuthaporn, who was accused in a case involving the…

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    Another victim similar to Thai cyanide serial killer case

    Another victim has emerged in a case similar to that of the “Thai cyanide serial killer” incident in Khun Han district, Sisaket Province. The deceased, Nittaya, aged 36, who had previously worked as a share farmer in Nakhon Pathom, reportedly died suddenly of heart failure. A reporter travelled to a house in Khun Han district, Sisaket Province, to investigate the…