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    Missing case takes turn: Thai woman reveals escape from abusive husband

    A Thai woman broke her silence after being missing for 13 days, informing a news agency that she felt compelled to disappear with her daughter to escape from her abusive husband. The businessman from the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima, 42 year old Pongphumphat Chuedee, shared pictures of his wife and daughter on the Facebook account, PickNick Pimpisa. He reported…

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    Ex-husband violently attacks man in Rayong after recent breakup with girlfriend

    A 40 year old man was attacked by his girlfriend’s ex-husband outside a village in Rayong province, Thailand, following the couple’s breakup 15 days ago. The attacker, accompanied by a friend, severely injured the victim before fleeing the scene. At around 9am this morning, the authorities were alerted about an incident of assault at the entrance of a village on…