US woman travels 4,800km for Scottish wedding, lands at wrong venue

Image via @firstseedfoods, Tiktok

A video has gone viral after a Washington DC native embarked on a 4,800-kilometre journey to attend a friend’s wedding in Glasgow, Scotland, only to arrive at the wrong venue. Arti Mala had travelled for 12 hours, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, to be present at the event. However, upon arrival, she was baffled to see unfamiliar faces at the ceremony.

Arti had taken a long-haul flight and then a taxi to what she thought was her friend’s wedding venue. However, when she arrived, expecting to see the joyous faces of the bride and groom, she was shocked to discover that she had arrived at the wrong wedding. Standing before her was a couple she had never met, exchanging romantic smiles.

@firstseedfoods congratulations Caitlin and Stephen🤗 thanks for being such good sports and inviting me in for a drink #weddingtiktok #scotland #ohno ♬ original sound – Arti

Quickly checking the venue, Arti was certain of her mistake when she found out that her friend’s wedding was taking place at another venue, approximately 1 kilometre away. Unable to hide her embarrassment, Arti pulled out her mobile phone to record this unforgettable moment. The clip shows Arti, looking sheepish as she gazes into the camera.

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The caption of the video stated…

“You travel nearly 5,000 kilometres and accidentally go to the wrong wedding.”

She even panned the camera around the venue of the strangers’ wedding. Fortunately, she was warmly welcomed by the unfamiliar bride and groom’s sibling and even offered a beer.

Later, Arti revealed that she took an Uber to her friend’s actual wedding. However, due to her late arrival, she missed the vows at her friend’s ceremony. The viral video has since amassed over 50,000 likes and numerous comments from netizens, most of whom couldn’t help but have a chuckle at Arti’s comical situation, reported Sanook.

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