Decadent Vietnamese wedding stirs online buzz

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The wedding of a mining magnate’s daughter recently took the Vietnamese online world by storm due to its extravagance. The bride, named Hawii, is the daughter of a renowned coal businessman, and the groom, Tangkien, hails from an equally affluent family. The engagement and wedding took place on December 30 and 31 last year, in the city of Halong, Quang Ninh province.

The bride and groom’s houses are merely 1 kilometre apart. On the engagement day, 11 electric cars were sent by the groom to transport the dowry to the bride’s house. The following day, a convoy of 22 supercars, including Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Lexus, and Porsche, escorted the couple to the wedding venue amidst the joy and blessings of all.

The wedding required more than 40 workers to toil for eight days and nights to construct a 1,500-square-metre marquee. All decorations, from the flower gate to the backdrop and stage, were designed according to the couple’s ideas. Fresh flowers, including 80% imported roses and 20% white heathers, were arranged by ten professional florists over two days, reported Sanook.

The transparent PVC marquee, 150 metres long and entirely new, demonstrated the hosts’ willingness to spare no expense. The wedding menu consisted of exquisite dishes such as grilled giant crab with salt and onions, oysters prepared with mushrooms, chicken stew with roses, and Australian beef.

After images of the grand wedding were shared online, numerous netizens expressed their opinions. Comments included admiration for the couple’s family background, which allowed for such a grand celebration and astonishment at the bride’s gold jewellery. Well-wishes were also extended for the couple’s happiness and good news for the future.

Quang Ninh was highlighted as a location consistently hosting stunning weddings, with a recollection of a grand wedding held there the previous year. The abundance of luxurious food and exhaustion from receiving wedding gifts were also mentioned. The reason, netizens said, why people suggest Quang Ninh for lavish weddings. Congratulations were extended to the couple.

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