Phuket car rentals must verify tourist driving licenses

Phuket’s vehicle rental businesses received a first-hand reminder about the importance of verifying tourists’ driving licenses. The National Tourist Police Commander, Lieutenant General Saksira Phueakam, paid them a visit on Saturday, April 20. This personal visit was part of an initiative to regulate the growing vehicle rental industry in the popular tourist destination of Phuket.

Lt. Gen. Saksira embarked on a tour around Patong at 11am on the day following the visit to Phuket by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and Royal Thai Police Acting Commissioner Gen. Kitirath Panphet. Accompanying Lt. Gen. Saksira were top-ranking officials from the Tourist Police Region 3 Command, including Col Yutthaphum Panlainak, Col Phisit Sawatthaworn, Lt Col Wachirapisak Na Songkhla, and Lt Col Channarong Rodthongdee.

The purpose of these visits was to remind car and motorbike rental businesses that they could be fined if their customers were caught driving without valid licenses. It was also an opportunity to strengthen public relations and share information about rules and regulations related to renting vehicles to foreigners.

Patong rental business operators were educated on the laws and instructed to adhere to them for the safety of tourists. The Phuket Tourist Police released a statement stating that Lt. Gen. Saksira and fellow officers went out to inspect vehicle rental shops, distribute stickers with information on regulations, and build public relations.

During the inspection, some rental shop operators were seen placing Tourist Police stickers on their premises under the watchful eye of Lt. Gen. Saksira and his team. These stickers serve as reminders of penalties for driving a vehicle without a license and allowing another person to drive your vehicle without a valid license.

Another sticker explained the types of licenses recognised in Thailand, besides the Thai driving license issued by the Department of Land Transport (DLT). Holding any other document, such as a US, UK, Russian, or Australian driving license, without an accompanying International Driving Permit (IDP), effectively means not having a valid driving license in Thailand.

The IDP is valid only when accompanied by an original foreign driving license, reported The Phuket News.

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