UPDATE: Suspect in assault case with Russian woman in Chon Buri released

Suspect who reportedly admitted to assault released, photo by The Pattaya News.


The suspect who police said admitted to assaulting a Russian woman in Chon Buri has now been released from police custody last night. This was after the suspect had just been summoned to the Nong Prue Police station on the same day.

Police told local media they couldn’t issue an arrest warrant without a positive testimony from the victim. They said that since the victim is still recovering from the traumatic experience she couldn’t provide a positive testimony, or identify the suspect. The police said they therefore had to let the suspect go.

The police report said the suspect, 37 year old Kantheepob Thanachotsomboon, admitted to the assault, but claimed he was stressed about family issues and debt, and wanted to take it out on someone. The report said this contradicts the police’s initial assumption of sexual assault.

After Kantheepob allegedly attacked Elena at the Mab Prachan reservoir, the police found head injuries, bruises on her neck, and abrasions all over her body.

Nong Prue police confirmed, however, that they are waiting for the victim, 38 year old Elena Zyalkova, to recover more, so that she can give her testimony, and Kantheepob can be brought into the justice system. The police said that without the victim’s testimony, the case could not properly go through the Thai court system.


After a Russian woman was viciously attacked and injured in Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri on Wednesday night, the suspect has confessed to his crime, according to Nong Prue police. The police say they found footage from a surveillance camera showing a car following the woman, 38 year old Elena Zyalkova, while she was jogging at the Mab Prachan reservoir.

Later, the footage shows the car reappearing, and 12 minutes later, Elena reappears, signaling drivers for help. The police identified the car, and pressured the suspect, 37 year old Kantheepob Thanachotsomboon, to surrender to them at Nong Prue police station, where they say he confessed to the crime. The police say the intent of crime was sexual assault, and not robbery.

The forensic team have gathered evidence from Elena, as well as Kantheepob’s DNA and possible evidence from his car. The team is preparing to request an arrest warrant from the Pattaya Provincial Court for physical assault and indecent acts.

Even though police said Elena can’t remember much of the attack, they said she is believed to have successfully fought Kantheepob off before going to get help. The police said Elena’s condition is improving, and being monitored by medical professionals.


A Russian woman was assaulted last night in Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri. A driver found the woman, 38 year old Elena Zyalkova, bleeding as she walked along the road to Mab Prachan reservoir. Police from Nong Prue municipality examined Elena and found she had head injuries, bruises on her neck, and abrasions all over her body. She was wearing jogging clothes.

When the police asked Elena what had happened, she could not remember. They said she was in a dazed state. The police found a trail of blood snaking about 10 metres into the forest off the road. Elena’s running shoes and phone were also in the forest.

Police say it’s not clear why Elena was attacked, and they will question her once she has recovered enough. Despite her injuries, Elena was able to signal for a driver to come and help her. The driver called the police, and Elena was taken to Bang Lamung Hospital.

Another incident of violence against women happened in Bang Lamung district, also in the Nong Prue sub-district, just last week. A man allegedly pointed a gun at his ex-girlfriend’s face in the middle of a street, bringing up their personal history. The 18 year old woman and her sister said they begged the ex to stop, but he was “enraged” and began waving his gun in passerby’s direction.

The man allegedly only drove off on his motorcycle when he realised someone had called the police. The woman and her sister were still scared when the police showed up, as were several witnesses.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News| The Pattaya News | Bangkok Post

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