South Pattaya residents launch innovative rehab program to combat drug addiction

Youth in the drug rehabilitation program enjoy games. Pictures courtesy of Pattaya Mail.

Residents of a South Pattaya community have initiated a rehabilitation programme as a substitute for incarcerating drug addicts. Chon Buri Police Commander Kumpol Leelapraphaporn, Pattaya Police Chief Tanapong Photi, and Mayor Porame Ngampichet took part in the opening event of the Community Based Treatment and Rehabilitation initiative for the Thappraya Community on May 1.

This innovative approach diverges from the traditional methods of arresting and imprisoning drug users, as the Thai police have gradually started presenting the option to attend drug-rehabilitation programmes instead. The Thappraya programme in Pattaya started with an “ice-breaking” session, where participants engaged in conversations and shared personal details about themselves. Following this exchange, they were divided into groups to partake in various sporting activities.

The primary goal of these physical activities was to build relationships and foster solidarity in the fight against drug addiction. By providing a more compassionate alternative to incarceration, the South Pattaya community aims to address the root causes of drug problems in a more effective and long-lasting manner. The use of sports also serves as a healthy and positive outlet for the challenges faced by recovering drug addicts.

In addition to providing a more holistic approach to drug rehabilitation, the Community Based Treatment and Rehabilitation initiative seeks to educate the public about the adverse effects of drug addiction on an individual’s health and overall well-being. Furthermore, the programme aims to reduce the stigma associated with addiction, thus making it easier for addicts to seek help.

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The success of the Thappraya programme in South Pattaya could potentially lead to the implementation of similar initiatives across other parts of Thailand. In a country where drug use continues to be a pressing issue, this approach offers hope and support to those struggling with addiction. By prioritising treatment and rehabilitation over punishment, Thailand embraces a more empathetic stance in dealing with the complex and often misunderstood issue of drug addiction.

South Pattaya residents launch innovative rehab program to combat drug addiction | News by Thaiger
Pol. Maj. Gen. Kumpol Leelapraphaporn, Pol. Col. Tanapong Poti and Mayor Poramet Ngampichet speak to young people at the opening of the Community-Based Treatment and Rehabilitation for the Thappraya Community.

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