Alleged ammunition theft from naval base prompts stern response from Thai Navy

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In the face of theft allegations, the Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has exerted tactical measures to address the claims linked to a significant disappearance of ammunition from a naval base. The accusations are centred on an officer, who once held the position of chief petty officer second class and was entrusted with the supervision of the arsenal situated at the Sattahip Naval Base of Chon Buri province. Following an unauthorized absence since July 5, the officer’s fate was sealed by the navy who decided to dismiss him.

Navy Spokesman, Adm Pokkrong Monthatphalin, made it clear that the navy is dealing with the situation with a stern hand and will not hesitate to initiate disciplinary and legal proceedings against the accused. To ensure the charged officer faces trial, the navy plans to recommend his termination to the Defence Ministry and seek his arrest warrant from the military court. However, the identity of the officer remains under wraps, according to the RTN spokesperson.

During an investigation carried out at the residence of the suspect on July 19, authorities uncovered stolen cartridges, serving as concrete proof of the officer’s illicit activities. The haul of stolen ammunition includes tens of thousands of M855 and M856 bullets designed for 5.56mm rifles, as well as thousands of rounds suited for 40mm grenade launchers.

Adm Pokkrong indicated that the financial transactions linked to the thefts suggest a pattern of illicit activities extended over a considerable timeframe. Furthermore, the suspect deliberately severed all modes of communication which implies that he may be concealing his whereabouts within the national jurisdiction.

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