YouTubers Jung and Cullen grapple with overzealous fans in Thailand

Two popular YouTubers, Jung and Cullen, have become the darlings of Thailand, capturing the hearts of the nation with their endearing content and love for Thai culture. However, their rise to fame has not been without its challenges.

The duo has recently found themselves at the centre of a controversy that raises questions about the boundaries between public figures and their audience’s enthusiasm. Jung and Cullen’s journey into the limelight has been swift, but with recognition comes scrutiny and, sometimes, unwanted attention.

From being ambassadors for national parks to navigating visa issues and negotiating professional fees, their paths have been closely watched. Their latest ordeal involves overzealous individuals disrupting their video shoots, leading to awkward footage that appears to have been edited or interfered with, leaving the YouTubers visibly uncomfortable.

The situation took a more disturbing turn when some followers began to emulate the pair’s travel itineraries. In what seems to be an overstepping of boundaries, certain accommodations went as far as to hang signs with Jung and Cullen’s names, signalling rooms they had stayed in.

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This intrusion extends to social media, with some fans going to the extent of requesting the bedding the YouTubers slept in, while others shared CCTV footage of them, blurring the line between admiration and obsession.

These actions bear a stark resemblance to the behaviour of sasaeng fans, a term from South Korea that describes fans who excessively follow and invade the privacy of celebrities, often to the point of harassment.

Traditional celebrity

The phenomenon of sasaeng fans is not new but it’s particularly alarming when it manifests outside the realm of traditional celebrity. Jung and Cullen, while popular, are not actors or idols, they are individuals who started as ordinary people sharing their adventures in Thailand.

The escalating intrusions they face highlight a concerning trend that could deter content creators and affect how they interact with their audience.

The duo’s experience is a stark reminder of the need for respectful boundaries between public figures and their fans. While the vast majority of followers show their support in healthy and appropriate ways, it takes only a few to create an environment that feels unsafe and intrusive.

As Jung and Cullen navigate this new level of fame, the hope is that a balance can be struck that allows them to continue sharing their love for Thai culture without the fear of overzealous fans turning their dream into a distressing ordeal, reported KhaoSod.

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