Woman exposes mother’s alleged abuse toward a bedridden patient

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A woman who exposed her mother’s alleged abusive actions toward a bedridden patient on social media suffered repercussions. The patient may have got help from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, or M-Society, but she was evicted by her mother despite being seven months pregnant.

Pinyaphat revealed the story of her mother and her bedridden cousin on Tuesday, March 28 on her Facebook account. Pinyaphat said…

“I can’t stand it anymore. She (the mother) does not care about anything that I tell her. My mother brought my cousin, who is a bedridden patient, to the house and promised to take the best care of him because she wants money. The relatives pay 8,000 baht a month for her to look after my cousin.”

Pinyaphat added…

“My mother physically abused him, gave him rotten food, neglected his basic needs, and complained to him when he had diarrhoea from eating her smelly food. He tried to commit suicide two times already. I am also sick of my mother. No humanity at all!”

The post contained images of the patient’s unhealthy food and unsanitary living conditions, which were attributed to Pinyaphat’s mother. The post quickly went viral on Thai social media, with many netizens commending Pinyaphat’s bravery in exposing the situation.

Pinyaphat later updated that the M-Society had intervened and taken the patient out of the house for proper care. However, Pinyaphat’s actions had consequences, as her mother evicted her from the house, despite her being seven months pregnant.

In her latest Facebook post, the pregnant woman shared that she was searching for new accommodation in the Don Mueang or Chang Wattana neighbourhoods of Bangkok.

The mother gave an interview to One 31 yesterday. She denied all accusations made by her daughter and claimed that she had taken the best care of the patient. She cooked for him and helped him undergo physical therapy for 20 minutes every day.

She also stated that she did not need the money because her son gave her 5,000 baht a month, and she earned interest from lending money to debtors. She said Pinyaphat blamed her because she wanted her house and assets.

The community leader gave an interview to One 31 on the same day and confirmed that what Pinyaphat stated was true. He visited the house before and said the living conditions of the patient were very bad.

There was no news on whether the mother was going to be prosecuted for her actions.

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