Tourist police bust illegal Chinese tour guide in Phuket

Photo by The Phuket Express.

Phuket Tourist Police busted a Chinese man for allegedly working as a tour guide without the necessary permits and licenses.

According to the Tourist Police, 43 year old Wang Kua Cheng was arrested this week in front of the Mongkol Nimit Temple on Dibuk Road in Phuket Old Town, The Phuket Express reported.

Officers brought Wang to Phuket City Police Station, where he now faces charges of working without permission and acting as a tour guide without the required license.

In Thailand, a tour guide is a protected occupation, and foreigners are not eligible to obtain work permits for this specific role. As a result, operating as a tour guide without the appropriate authorisation is a violation of Thai law.

This recent arrest highlights a growing concern regarding foreigners engaging in unauthorised employment in Phuket. Authorities have been cracking down on such cases, as they aim to maintain the integrity of the tourism industry and ensure compliance with regulations.

On Wednesday, immigration officials apprehended two Chinese women at Phuket International Airport’s car park over accusations of illegal employment. The women were apprehended on charges of working without the necessary official permissions and exceeding the activities permitted on their visas. The women also violated the conditions for staying in Thailand, as their visas did not include employment provisions. Following their arrest, the women were taken to Sakhu Police Station, which holds jurisdiction over incidents at Phuket International Airport. If found guilty, their next steps could include fines, deportation, and potentially a period of barred entry into Thailand.

Last month, it was reported that tour guides have presented a proposal to numerous prime ministerial candidates from various political parties, to eliminate unlawful tour guides and nominee businesses. They also hope that the proposed Tourist Guide Act will expand the scope of the profession, leading to increased employment opportunities.

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