Thai mother blames hospital birth procedures for baby’s disability

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A Thai woman blamed a hospital medical team in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok for her daughter’s disability, saying a doctor forced her to give birth naturally when a caesarean section was needed.

The 46 year old Thai woman, Pattama, lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Public Health since her 10 month old daughter has been unable to use her right arm since she was born. The nerves in her right arm were reportedly torn and injured during delivery.

Pattama recounted the incident to the Public Health Minister assistant Thanakrit Jitaree, yesterday, July 2.

Pattama began her story by explaining that she gave birth to her daughter on August 17 last year and had requested a caesarean section due to her age. However, the doctor insisted she deliver naturally. After the birth, she noticed her daughter had bruises on her arm, and the doctor later informed her that the nerves in her child’s arm were damaged. Her daughter is now ten months old and still cannot use her arm.

Pattama was further disappointed by the doctor’s response. He claimed that he and his team had done their best during the delivery process and urged her to pray frequently for her daughter. From his words, Pattama felt that her daughter would never recover. She insisted that her daughter had been healthy, with no problems indicated by the ultrasound results before birth.

Pattama has sought justice from the hospital and is demanding 10 million baht in compensation. However, the hospital asked her to wait for the management board’s decision. The doctor did not even explain the cause of her daughter’s disabled arm.

Thanakrit promised to help Pattama and her family and planned to mediate an agreement between Pattama and the hospital.

Thanakrit also reported that the Ministry of Public Health would take care of the baby by seeking proper treatment for her at the Neurological Institute of Thailand and covering all the treatment costs.

If the delivery process and treatment at the hospital are found to have failed to meet standards, the hospital and relevant officers would face legal punishment.

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