Thai man arrested for house burning, orchestrating rape of mother-in-law

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Police today arrested a Thai man responsible for a house burning and the architect behind the rape of his mother-in-law in the southern province of Phetchaburi. The accomplice involved in the crime is still at large.

Kaeng Krachan Police Station officers yesterday, January 10, embarked on a search for two suspects, Yuranan Pranprai and Chaiwat Auambut, also known as Pae, for setting fire to the house of Yuranan’s wife, 36 year old Prapaporn Deeden. The two suspects also enticed Prapaporn’s 56 year old mother, Janya Deeden, to another house where Chaiwat allegedly raped her.

The incident occurred on January 9. Police apprehended one of the suspects, Yuranan, at a rented room in the Tha Yang district of Phetchaburi province on January 10.

Yuranan confessed to setting fire to the house but denied orchestrating the rape of his mother-in-law, Janya. Yranan claimed that Janya told police that Chaiwat was a drug dealer, which made the alleged rapist angry.

According to Yuranan, Chaiwat asked to see Janya to settle the matter. He told Janya that Chaiwat wanted to meet her and she agreed. Yuranan said he did not expect Chaiwat to rape her and only found out about the sexual assault when he went to pick up Janya at home.

When they both got home, Janya revealed the rape to his wife, who became angry and kicked him out of the house. Feeling neglected and angry with his wife, he returned home at night and set fire to the house.

Chaiwat is still at large. It has not been reported whether Yuranan knows of his friend’s whereabouts.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thai man sets fire to wife’s house and orchestrates rape of mother-in-law

A Thai man is evading arrest after setting fire to his wife’s house and tricking his mother-in-law into meeting his friend, who raped her.

Firefighters rushed to control the fire at a house in the Kaeng Krachan district in the southern province of Phetchaburi yesterday, January 9, and brought the blaze under control. Only the bathroom and cattle shed were damaged and no one was injured in the incident.

A 56 year old woman, Janya Deeden, reported to the firefighters and officers at Kaeng Krachan Police Station that she suspected her son in law, Yuranan Pranprai, of setting fire to the house. Janya revealed that she had argued with Yuranan and was sexually assaulted by his friend on the day before the fire broke out.

Janya said Yaranan accused her of informing the police about his drug dealing, an accusation she denies. They then engaged in a heated argument before Yuranan and his friend, identified only as Pae, came to the house at 6am and took her to a house in Tha Yang district where Pae raped her.

Janya stated that she tried to escape while Yuranan was asleep. She used his phone to contact her daughter, 36 year old Prapaporn Deeden, and sought help. However, she couldn’t provide Prapaporn with her location, and Pae woke up before she could terminate the call. Since Pae’s daughter was unwell, Yuranan arrived to collect her and returned her to the house.

Prapaporn told police that she ordered Yuranan to leave the house after learning of the sexual assault. Yuranan disappeared with his friend Pae but continued to send her threatening messages, so she reported the matter to the police.

Prapaporn believed that Yuranan and Pae returned to the house at night and started the blaze in a bid to kill her and her mother. Prapaporn admitted that she knew about her husband’s illegal business but was afraid to stop him or report it to the police because Yuranan often abused him.

Kaeng Krachan Police Station officers reported that they already issued arrest warrants against the two men and were expected to bring them to justice very soon.

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