Thai father and son’s hilarious new alphabets video goes viral

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Internet users have had a good laugh at a new dimension of the Thai alphabet, where the child misinterpreted certain characters, and a father got a taste of karma from his son. Reportedly, a mother from the Sam Yaek area in Wichian Buri District, Phetchabun Province, posted a highly amusing video clip of a father teaching his son, named Nong Gow, who is currently in first grade at a school in Bueng Sam Phan District, Phetchabun Province, the Thai alphabet from ‘ก’ to ‘ฮ’. The accompanying message read, “Been closed for so long, we’ve forgotten lessons. ‘ต’ is read as ‘ta’, ‘บ’ as ‘short-tailed fish’, and ‘ป’ as ‘long-tailed fish’. I don’t know where it went wrong, haha!”

Following the posting of the entertaining video, many Facebook friends have joined in poking fun at the lovable Nong Gow’s discovery of new Thai characters and sympathized with the father who got a playful hit on the head from his son reports Sanook.

Nong Gow’s mother, who posted the hilarious clip, revealed that father and son normally play like this all the time, with the father usually being the one who initiates the teasing with Nong Gow. When they play, the father consistently asks Nong Gow to read from a book as well – this is the father’s technique for teaching his child. As for the part when Nong Gow playfully hit his father’s head, the father taught him that doing that as a child is not right, and Nong Gow subsequently apologized to his father, promising not to do it again.

As for Nong Gow’s misreading of the characters, reading ‘ต’ (ตา) as ‘ta’, ‘บ’ (ใบไม้) as ‘short-tailed fish’, and ‘ป’ (ปลา) as ‘long-tailed fish’, he believes it is because school has been closed for an extended period, causing him to forget how to read the letters, resulting in the creation of three new Thai characters.

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