Thai farmer’s luxury car market trip turns heads: Viral video hits 8.7 million views

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A viral video, viewed by 8.7 million people, portrays an intriguing scenario of a Thai man venturing to a local market in his Audi A4 luxury car to sell freshly harvested vegetables. The man’s identity adds to the surprising narrative.

The video clip, swiftly making its rounds on social networks, first appeared on the Instagram account @variety_farmer. It showcases a man gathering amaranth greens, before hopping into his Audi A4 luxury car and heading off to the local market. After alighting from the exquisite vehicle, he lays out a cloth on the ground and sets up his vegetable stall. Once all the greens are sold, he packs up and drives off in his Audi A4.

Reports have identified the man as Sujit, a farmer with over a decade of experience in the agriculture industry. He has been honoured with numerous awards in the sector, including three state-level accolades. Additionally, he owns a farm that produces a variety of organic vegetables.

Since the video of the Thai farmer’s luxury car was shared on Instagram, it has accrued an impressive 8.7 million views and counting, with many expressing astonishment at witnessing the giant of agriculture at work, Sanook reported.

Netizens have flooded the comments section with a myriad of reactions – a mix of admiration and humour.

“A great source of inspiration for the youth to appreciate agriculture, I hope every Indian farmer leads a stable life like him, cultivating fresh vegetables and selling them.”

“Now I understand, I need to buy an Audi before I can sell vegetables.”

“Do what you love, hard work and dedication will pay off.”

In related news, Farmers with outstanding debts at the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) in Thailand can now enter a debt suspension scheme without the need for prior debt restructuring, according to Paopoom Rojanasakul, the secretary to the finance minister.

The move aims to help these farmers regain their good debtor status and applies to all BAAC debtors whose total outstanding debt does not exceed 300,000 baht, Read the story HERE.

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