Teen trauma in Nonthaburi: Violent attack leaves 15 year old student in serious condition

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A violent attack left a 15 year old secondary school student seriously injured in Nonthaburi province.

The teenager was attacked by a group of youths, leading to significant injuries to his head and left arm. The incident took place yesterday around 5.30pm, outside a residential building where the victim, known as A, sought help.

A narrated the harrowing experience, explaining that he and a friend were riding a motorcycle when they were approached by three teenagers on a white Honda Click. The aggressors, one dressed in a school uniform and the other two in mechanic shop attire, accused A and his friend of disrespecting them.

The two passengers then produced blades, similar to grass-cutting knives, and attacked A and his friend. Although A’s friend managed to evade the assault, A wasn’t as fortunate. He sustained severe wounds to his head and left arm, leading to profuse bleeding. He fled the scene and managed to reach a nearby residential building where he sought assistance.

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Police were quickly alerted and promptly notified medical emergency services. Initial treatment revealed that the injuries were severe enough to require multiple stitches. After he was attacked, A was rushed to Phra Nang Klao Hospital for urgent medical attention, reported KhaoSod.

Investigating officers have taken the victim’s friend in for questioning to gather more details about the incident. Authorities are also set to inspect local CCTV footage to identify the assailants and bring them to justice. The incident underscores the need for vigilance and safety, particularly among school-going teenagers.

In related news, a 13 year old student from a school in Buriram was rushed to Huai Rat Hospital after displaying unusual behaviour including confusion, fear, and sometimes screaming, causing classmates to fear.

The schoolboy, known only as A, admitted to having used drugs since primary school, encouraged by older peers to join in illicit activities in the local sugarcane fields. However, recent urine tests did not show any traces of drugs, suggesting his current symptoms may be related to past substance abuse. Read more about this story HERE.

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