From brooms to boom: Street sweeper sweeps up 12-million-baht lottery jackpot

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A street sweeper’s life transformed overnight when luck smiled upon her with a 12-million-baht government lottery win.

Somsong Singsa, a 56 year old municipal worker from Si Sa Ket province, revealed that a vendor’s persuasion made her purchase two winning tickets. After four decades of toil, she now plans to resign and provide for her family, who are overjoyed at their sudden fortune.

In the town of Nong Khruea Sud, within the streets that Somsong Singsa has kept clean for over 40 years, a celebration erupted as her family learned of her windfall. The win of 12 million baht came from the government lottery drawn yesterday, February 1, where Somsong held the two tickets bearing the number 607063.

Just a few days before the draw, while resting during her lunch break at the Ton Makluea market, Somsong was approached by a lottery ticket vendor who implored her to purchase tickets. Claiming she had tickets that would win the first prize, the vendor convinced Somsong to buy two instead of the one she intended. It was a decision that would dramatically change her life.

Upon hearing the final two digits announced, 63, Somsong suspected she had won a small prize. It was only after her daughter-in-law checked the tickets that the full extent of her win became apparent, prompting jubilant celebrations among her relatives, reported KhaoSod.

Somsong’s plans for her winnings are rooted in generosity and pragmatism. She intends to allocate a portion for religious merit-making, repay debts, and share with her three children. The remainder will secure the educational future of her five grandchildren and support her family’s expenses.

Fatigued from the physical demands of her job, Somsong sees this windfall as an opportunity to retire and focus on her family.

The community of Nong Khruea Sud, typically quiet, was alive with excitement as friends and family gathered to share in Somsong’s unexpected good fortune.

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