Sanam Luang Songkran bash smashes records

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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) declared the recent Songkran celebrations at Sanam Luang in Bangkok a resounding success, drawing in a staggering 784,000 participants. TAT Governor Thapanee Kiatphaibool shared the triumphant news at a press conference, unveiling the splashing success of the Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024.

The vibrant celebrations, spanning from April 11 to 15 on Rajdamnoen Klang Road and Sanam Luang, welcomed a whopping 784,883 attendees, with over 693,000 Thais joyously partaking, a whopping 72.18% of whom were proud Bangkok residents. And it wasn’t just the locals, an impressive 91,595 revellers from foreign shores, predominantly from European nations, added their splash of international flair to the festivities.

The festivities poured an estimated 950 million baht into direct spending, covering everything from tantalising food and drink sales to accommodation costs and souvenir splurges. Thapanee revealed that this spending surge was set to ripple through the economic system, circulating a staggering 1.935 billion baht and culminating in a whopping 2.886 billion baht boost for the economy, lining the government’s pockets with a cool 742 million baht in VAT collections.

Not only did the celebrations bring smiles to the faces of revellers, but they also proved to be a lucrative opportunity for around 500 street vendors and their 2,000 workers who cashed in on the revelry.

Thapanee hailed the festivities as a triumph, attracting both local and international tourists and earning rave reviews in visitor surveys, reported The Nation.

The buzz spilt onto social media, catapulting Sanam Luang into the spotlight as a must-visit destination. Plus, with access to nearby festive hotspots like Khao San Road and Phra Arthit Road, the fun was truly unstoppable!

In related news, Thailand’s Songkran Thai New Year celebrations have gathered international attention, with 35 foreign embassies collaborating with the Thai government to promote the festival worldwide. This initiative comes after UNESCO recognised the festival as an intangible cultural heritage in December last year.

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