Busted feathers: Cops pause drug arrest to feed chickens, budgies

Phetchaburi police took an unusual approach with a drug possession arrest, pausing to help the suspect feed his chickens and budgerigars before proceeding with legal action. The suspect expressed gratitude and promised to abandon drug-related activities.

Officers from Thayang Police Station yesterday apprehended 46 year old Songsak at a small hut in Thayang district, Phetchaburi province. He was found in possession of a quantity of methamphetamine and taken in for questioning.

During the interrogation, Songsak admitted to living in a nearby residence, less than 1 kilometre from the arrest site. He stated he had no occupation other than raising chickens and budgerigars, also known as common parakeets. Concerned about the welfare of his animals, he mentioned they had not been fed at the time of his arrest.

Upon hearing this, Deputy Inspector of Thayang Police Station, Police Lieutenant Cholothorn Chuarun stepped in. He provided 200 baht to the investigation team to buy some sunflower seeds and corn for the animals, expressing concerns that the animals could starve while Songsak was in custody.

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Police, along with Songsak, bought the feed and headed to the hut. Together, they scattered the food for the chickens and budgerigars. During this helpful act, Songsak shared his feelings, expressing surprise and appreciation for the kindness shown by the Thayang police officers.

He noted that such compassionate treatment was unexpected, especially considering his prior experiences with other police forces, where he felt mistreated and disregarded.

“It’s amazing to see such kindness from Thayang Police. Despite my arrest, they still cared enough to ensure my animals were fed. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before.”

Songsak conveyed his heartfelt thanks to the Thayang Police officers, stating that their actions had given him a new perspective. He promised to refrain from any future involvement with drugs and to avoid troubling society.

“Even though I made mistakes, they’ve treated me with respect and without any sense of superiority.”

Content with the noble act of the compassionate officers, Songsak vowed to steer clear of drug usage in the future.

After ensuring the animals were fed, the police escorted Songsak back to the station to proceed with the legal process. Further demonstrating their acts of kindness and compassion, the officers allowed him to join them for a meal before formally charging him, reported KhaoSod.

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