Pattaya taxi driver assaults 2 women over signal dispute (video)

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Two women reached out to several Thai news agencies to seek justice after a motorcycle taxi rider physically assaulted them in Soi Pattaya 4 after they complained about the rider failing to signal before turning.

The victims, 42 year old Mayom and 25 year old Arthitiya, revealed to Channel 3 and other news agencies that the assault occurred on July 2 in Soi Pattaya 4. Mayom required four stitches to a wound on her head, and Arthitiya suffered a bruise to her eye.

Mayom explained that she and Arthitiya were riding their motorcycle along the alley when a taxi rider cut in front of them. The rider stopped on the roadside to drop off his passenger and immediately made a right turn to return onto the road without checking whether the victims’ motorcycle was approaching.

Mayom said she then asked the taxi rider why he did not use his turn signal to warn her and other motorists. The question angered the motorcycle taxi rider.

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The taxi rider followed the victims from behind before speeding up and cutting in front of them again. According to Mayom, the attacker then grabbed her shirt and repeatedly punched her, even after she fell to the ground.

A witness managed to film the incident and shared it on social media. The taxi rider in the video was seen wearing an orange vest with the number 12. Locals at the scene attempted to intervene, but the two parties continued to argue.

Mayom and Arthitiya then filed a complaint against the attacker at Mueang Pattaya Police Station and handed over a video as evidence.

Currently, there has been no update from the police. This prompted the women to contact Thai news agencies, hoping to pressure the police into doing their job more promptly.

Another physical assault by motorcycle taxi riders in Pattaya had just been reported in the middle of last month, June. In this case, a group of motorcycle taxi riders attacked a Russian man for parking in front of their shelter near the Central Pattaya mall.

The same group of taxi riders had previously attacked a foreign motorist in January for the same reason, parking in front of their shelter. Locals in the area told news agencies that the taxi riders banned motorists from parking near their shelter, fearing they would steal their passengers.

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