MFP supports Pheu Thai’s two charter amendments referendums

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The Move Forward Party (MFP) backs Pheu Thai‘s proposal for two referendums on charter amendments, promising to reshape Thailand‘s political landscape.

Parit Wacharasindhu, an MFP list-MP and the party’s spokesperson, declared on Tuesday, January 23, the MFP’s full-throated endorsement of Pheu Thai’s deputy leader, Chusak Sirinil’s, proposition for just two referendums, stating that it’s a cost-effective and time-efficient approach.

Not stopping there, the MFP aligns with Pheu Thai’s demand for an elected charter drafting assembly. However, amidst this newfound unity, a quirk in the alliance surfaces – the parties diverge on the assembly’s power to tweak the hallowed Chapters 1 and 2 of the charter, containing sacrosanct details about the Kingdom of Thailand and royal prerogatives, respectively.

Parit emphasised the urgency of a united front to persuade senators and coalition partners to amend Section 256 of the constitution without the obligatory referendum hurdle. A stumbling block arises as some senators insist on a public vote before any proposed charter changes can reach the parliamentary floor.

Echoing Chusak’s sentiments, Pheu Thai’s working panel on charter amendments concluded that the magic number for referendums should be two, citing savings in both time and funds.

The backdrop to this political theatre is the pressing issue of revising the military-sponsored 2017 Constitution, a key promise of the ruling coalition. However, the referendum becomes a contentious topic due to a 2021 Constitutional Court decree mandating public approval for any constitutional overhaul, setting the stage for a potentially costly second referendum if the initial amendment is approved, reported Bangkok Post.

Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Phumtham Wechayachai leads a government committee to establish new guidelines for a referendum. The recent decision of the committee to propose three referendums, with the first asking a single pivotal question.

In related news, a significant stride towards equality has been achieved with the appointment of Danuporn Punnakan, a representative of the Pheu Thai Party, as the chair of the Same-sex Marriage Committee.

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