Lucky lottery winner in Thailand banks 36 million baht

Thailand‘s Government Lottery Office (GLO) revealed that one lucky winner scooped a life-changing 36 million baht (over US$1 million) in the digital lottery draw today (May 2) after purchasing six winning digital tickets.

Today, the number 834019 was drawn in Thailand’s twice-monthly government lottery draw. Anyone who bought a ticket with this number wins the lottery’s first prize of 6 million baht.

The GLO revealed that 19 tickets with the winning number were bought through their digital platform before the draw, totalling 114 million baht in winnings. According to the GLO, seven people bought one winning ticket (6 million baht prize), one person bought two winning tickets (12 million baht prize), one person bought four tickets (24 million baht) and one person bought six tickets (36 million baht).

An anonymous Thai national bought 19 winning tickets for the government lottery draw on April 16, winning a staggering 114 million baht (US$3.3 million).

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After the April 1 lotto draw, the GLO announced that winners can no longer claim their prize in cash from the GLO. If the winner’s prize exceeds 2 million baht, the GLO will transfer to a Government Savings Bank account or a Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) bank account.

Alternatively, winners can receive a check from the Krung Thai Bank’s GLO branch office or winners can claim their prize at any Government Savings Bank, Krung Thai Bank, or BAAC Bank branch in the country. Foreign winners without Thai bank accounts may still claim their prize in cash from the GLO.

In March, a lucky lottery winner laid out 100 pig’s heads in front of the famous 30-metre-tall Buddha statue at Wat Klang Bang Phra Temple in Nakhon Pathom province in central Thailand.

The winner, Panu Nawisamphan from Samut Prakan province, did not reveal how much money he won in the government lottery. Panu said his offering of 100 pig’s heads was to gae bon “แก้บน,” which means “fulfil one’s vow.”

Bangkok’s haphazard overhead cables made a comfy bed for a man who won 4,000 baht in the lottery on April 1. He got drunk to celebrate, climbed a tree, and fell asleep tangled up in the cables.

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