Lop Buri plans macaque control centre to tackle monkey menace

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A macaque control centre is being planned in Lop Buri by Phatcharavat Wongsuwan, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. This initiative aims to sterilise the monkeys and relocate them to other areas, in a bid to address the issues they are causing within the town.

Phatcharavat, following a Cabinet meeting yesterday, expressed the necessity of this control centre, given the current situation where over 1,000 macaques are wreaking havoc in downtown Lop Buri. The effectiveness of this initiative will be routinely assessed, he added. Regarding the proposed macaque relocation to other provinces, the deputy prime minister indicated that preliminary discussions with relevant authorities are essential to facilitate the plan.

The establishment of the macaque control centre has been ordered by Phatcharavat, confirmed Atthapol Charoenchansa, the Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation (DNP). Atthapol also dismissed rumours that residents near Khao Yai National Park were against the government’s plan to relocate macaques to a wildlife rescue centre in the National Park located in Nakhon Nayok. He stated that authorities have communicated with the locals and they are in agreement with the plan.

“The facility has a large enclosure to accommodate the macaques. They will not be allowed to live in the wild.

“The macaques currently in Lop Buri’s Khao Som Phot Wildlife Sanctuary are the ones being transferred to Khao Yai.”

In related news, a second round of capturing aggressive macaques causing disturbances to locals in Lop Buri was initiated by a team of DNP officers on Monday. Despite their target of 50, only 23 were caught in a three-day round-up last week, reported Bangkok Post.

The team yesterday employed a new strategy where they donned casual attire instead of their ranger uniforms to trick the monkeys. This second attempt of round-up is also slated to last three days, concluding later today.

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