Japanese tourist rampage leaves trail of destruction in Pattaya

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A Japanese tourist, in a fit of rage from an argument, drove his car into a popular Pattaya restaurant, crashing into numerous cars and motorcycles before finally colliding with a tour bus. This incident yesterday, July 10, left him injured and in police custody.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Itthiporn Tangchuthaweesap of Pattaya City Police Station reported that they received a distress call at 9.36pm. A foreign man was reportedly driving erratically, damaging vehicles and property on Bua Khao Road in Nong Prue, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri.

The chaos unfolded in front of a well-known entertainment venue where tables, chairs, and motorcycles were found toppled and damaged. Tourists and employees were visibly shaken.

The perpetrator, a 60 year old Japanese tourist, was driving a white Toyota. He rampaged through Bua Khao Road to South Pattaya, hitting cars and motorcycles along the way.

The entertainment venue security guard, 27 year old Somporn, revealed that the foreigner had an argument with his girlfriend, a staff member at the restaurant. In his fury, the man drove into the front of the restaurant, reversing and ramming three times, causing significant property damage. He then fled, sideswiping moving and parked vehicles. Somporn recounted the events.

“We tried to follow and stop him but he wouldn’t stop. He kept trying to run us over. I was lucky to escape with minor injuries, needing six stitches on my finger and some abrasions. My colleague was also injured.

“The perpetrator’s car eventually lost control and hit a tour bus, rendering it immobile. We quickly seized the car keys and pulled him out.”

Drug use

Somporn added that the man apologised, and he suspected drug use rather than alcohol intoxication. Fortunately, no one sustained severe injuries or fatalities during the incident. Rescue personnel provided initial medical aid to the tourist before transporting him to the hospital under police supervision.

An employee of a nearby shop, 43 year old Jaruda, described the terrifying moment when the foreigner repeatedly attempted to align his car before accelerating into the restaurant where his girlfriend worked.

“I feared he would crash into our shop. We tried to move our vehicles but couldn’t in time, so we ran to save ourselves… I even threw a bottle at him to stop him.”

Jaruda mentioned that the staff did not take his threats seriously, which led to the disastrous outcome.

Lieutenant Colonel Itthiporn has summoned all parties involved, including the Japanese man, to the Pattaya City Police Station for an investigation and to press charges accordingly, reported KhaoSod.

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