Gunpoint drama: Thai witness captures shocking video of foreign mafia in Pattaya

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A shocking incident took place at the Voice of Navy 5 Viewpoint in Pattaya, as a Thai witness captured a distressing video of a foreign mafia member threatening a group of Asian men at gunpoint.

The video, lasting 1.39 minutes, shows a foreign mafia man dressed in all-black attire brandishing a gun and intimidating approximately ten foreigners, believed to be Kuwaiti nationals. The most alarming moment was when the gunman pointed his weapon directly at the head of one of the men.

The Daily News reported on the incident, though they did not include the original video in their report. Instead, they shared some screenshots, one of which indicated that one of the victims was a boy aged under 15 years.

The incident occurred in a public area, leaving bystanders terrified. The brave Thai witness decided to secretly record the act, intending to seek justice for the victims. It’s believed that the victims may not file a complaint with the police, making it even more critical for authorities to take action against such violent behaviour, as it tarnishes Pattaya’s reputation and good image.

Foreign mafia in Thailand has been a concerning topic on social media, especially after the tragic death of German businessman Hans Peter Mack.

One of the reputed gang members, Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann, a German man, holds significant influence within the mafia circles in Pattaya. Reportedly, he demands hefty benefits from those looking to conduct business in the city, and those who fail to comply may face dire consequences, as demonstrated by Mack’s unfortunate fate of being dismembered and stored in a large freezer.

The police have been actively pursuing these criminal elements.

In February, police arrested French gangster Herve Christian Robert Leonard. The 58 year old was apprehended for extorting money from foreigners by falsely claiming to have connections with high-profile Thai police officers.

Similarly, in March, a Thai woman sought justice after being physically assaulted by a group of foreigners at a bar on Koh Samui, an island in the southern province of Surat Thani.

Just last week, the authorities apprehended an Australian man named Tomas Jinner and his gang members in Chon Buri. Their charges include extorting money from a European businessman who had recently established his business in Pattaya.

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