Gardeners at Khao Saming grow golden rambutans and make good profit

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Gardeners in Khao Saming District, Trat province, have been growing golden rambutans for two years and reported experiencing good yields.

The rambutans have generated profitable annual incomes. The first lot of rambutan is priced at 100 baht per kilogramme, while the second lot which weighs 2 kilogrammes costs 60 baht per kilogramme. However, the gardeners have not yet started selling the rambutans.

ThaiRath reporters traveled to house number 3/3, Village No. 2, Thung Nonsi Subdistrict, Khao Saming District, and met with 57 year old Jiranan Samthakarn, after learning that the colour of the rambutan produced was gold.

“The first generation of produce has been released and sold at the market for 100 baht per kilogramme. The second generation is producing fruits that are beginning to ripen. The second batch is about to be ready to be harvested and sold at the market in the next few days at 60 baht per kilogramme.”

Jiranan further said that this area was originally planted with rubber trees. After the price of rubber fell, they turned the rubber plantation into a golden rambutan plantation. Mixed with durian in an area of 8 rai (12,800 square metres), over a hundred rambutan trees were planted, reported ThaiRath.

This batch of golden rambutans, which was bought and planted only two years ago, is ready to be harvested and sold. This year is the third year that rambutans have been out of season. As for the secret to growing rambutans out of season and selling them at a good price, Jiranan would rather not reveal the recipe.

“Let gardeners learn by themselves. My husband learned by himself and used trial and error to get a successful result that can make the rambutan bear fruit out of season.”

For the fruit season in Trat Province, such as rambutan, durian, and mangosteen, the gardeners would normally begin releasing their produce to the market between April and May every year. However, for Jiranan’s rambutans, people can get their hands on them before that as they are out-of-season rambutans.

The price is higher than rambutans which are in season and are sold in the general market. If in season, these golden rambutans will be cheaper than regular rambutans.

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