Ganja overuse: Chinese man deported for causing chaos in Chiang Mai

Immigration police deported a Chinese man allegedly under the influence of excessive ganja use for causing chaos by walking shirtless, threatening locals, and destroying reflective traffic signs in Chiang Mai province.

A motorist travelling along Liab Khlong Chonlapatarn Road in the Suthep sub-district of Chiang Mai province shared a video on social media on February 1, capturing the shirtless Chinese man causing chaos. The man was seen shouting at residents and tourists and destroying reflective traffic signs on the barriers.

Fearing for his safety, the motorist urged locals, especially Chiang Mai University students, to avoid the area. According to the motorist, the Chinese man appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Reporters from One 31 visited the area and talked with the witnesses until discovered that the Chinese man lived at a condominium in the area. According to a security guard at the condo, the Chinese man was a student studying at a private university in the province.

The security guard explained that the man lived on the eighth floor of the condo for three months and showed no violent signs of behaviour in the first month. The guard said the foreign man started using cannabis two weeks ago. The guard said the man also used it in a public place in the garden of the condo.

As the Chinese man’s disturbing behaviour escalated, he began walking naked outside his room, frightening other residents, and damaging property, such as climbing onto a tree and breaking its branches.

Visa revoked

The juristic person of the condo, Thanawat Pattamachaiyan, clarified that the Chinese man rented the condo room for six months via an agency. He reported his disturbing behaviour to the agency, and the matter was handed over to the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Chiang Mai.

The Consulate promised to contact the man’s family to arrange for his return home but no updates were provided by the authorities. Thanawat urged the relevant authorities to take the matter more seriously, expressing concern that the man could pose a greater threat in the future.

Thanawant also pointed out that this was the problem of legalising cannabis without control. The Chinese man was using cannabis in public and was also causing a nuisance to people in the community.

Officers from the Bhubing Police Station reported to the media that they intervened when the Chinese man went on a rampage and took him to the police station for a drug test.

However, the test did not reveal any drug use, preventing authorities from pressing charges against the foreigner. Additionally, as the government department overseeing the traffic signs had not filed a complaint about the damaged property, the police could only issue a warning, urging the man not to repeat his actions.

Immigration officials later took action against the man, revoking his visa and permission to stay in Thailand.

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