Foreigner’s key theft at Chon Buri hotel unlocks social media storm

Photo via Channel 7

A Thai hotel owner took to social media to expose the behaviour of a foreign man who stole a key to her hotel in Chon Buri and stayed there overnight without permission or payment.

A video of the Thai woman arguing with the foreigner was shared with news Facebook page Social Hunter 2022. The page shared the video yesterday, June 25, with a few words to accompany it.

“This foreign man is known as Sam. He used to be a guest of this hotel but this time he stole a room key and stayed without paying. Hotel staff called the police to arrest him on June 24 but no officers arrived. Immigration Bureau officers apprehended Sam the next day and plan to deport him.”

Channel 7 reported that the hotel owner and staff tried to make the foreigner leave but he locked the room door and did not respond to their calls until the next morning.

The hotel owner had to ask permission from a guest staying in the adjacent room to enter and speak with the man on the balcony.

In the video, the foreign man is seen on the hotel room balcony defending himself but his words are inaudible. The hotel owner shouted at him in Thai.

“I chased you away last night but you didn’t leave. Get out! I’m not okay. I couldn’t sleep all night because of you. What the f*ck is wrong with you! Get out now! I called the police but no one came to arrest you!”

Neither the news Facebook page nor Channel 7 clarified how the foreign man stole the key or his motive for the theft.

In a related report, another foreign thief was caught on CCTV stealing a Thai woman’s motorcycle in the Chalong district of Phuket province last week. There has been no update on whether the police have apprehended the foreigner.

Another theft occurred on Kata Beach in Phuket in early June when an American man stole a foreign woman’s mobile phone and bag. Thai lifeguards in the area managed to retrieve her belongings.

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