Gulf partners with Google to boost Thailand’s cloud services

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Gulf Energy Development Plc (Gulf) has entered into a strategic partnership with Google Asia Pacific (Google) to operate its cloud services in Thailand. This collaboration focuses on leveraging the growth in data storage and processing within a secure environment that meets local regulatory requirements.

Gulf informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that its fully-owned subsidiary, Gulf Edge Co, has formalised a cooperation agreement with Google to manage the Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) air-gapped services. This cloud system is specifically designed to function in an environment completely isolated from the public Internet, ensuring high stability and robust data security.

Under this agreement, Gulf Edge will act as a Managed GDC Provider, positioning itself as a Google Cloud business partner. The company aims to promote the use of GDC air-gapped services across various Thai organisations by offering expert consulting and comprehensive system management services.

The GDC air-gapped system is particularly targeted at industries that handle sensitive or confidential data, such as healthcare, energy and utilities, and public safety services. GSA DC’s data centres will facilitate the installation of these cloud systems as part of the cooperation.

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Gulf Edge has become the first entity in Thailand to form such a partnership with Google. The collaboration aims to provide a range of cloud services, including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, thereby supporting digital transformation and fostering innovation within Thailand, stated the company.

“The intention is to provide cloud services in many forms including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to support digital transformation and drive Thailand’s innovation.”

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This partnership opens up numerous possibilities for future services within the Google Cloud ecosystem, such as advancements in AI and enhanced cybersecurity measures.

Combining the strengths of both companies, the partnership stands to benefit from Gulf Edge’s extensive experience and expertise in developing new business ventures in Thailand. Gulf Edge has solid partnerships in both the business and financial sectors and operates subsidiaries that deliver telecommunications and communication services.

Additionally, Gulf Edge’s knowledge in power generation and renewable energy can support the demand for clean energy within the data centre business, said a company representative.

“This partnership also widened many possibilities for other services in the Google Cloud ecosystem in the future, such as AI innovation and cybersecurity.”

This collaboration not only strengthens Gulf Edge’s position in the Thai market but also aligns with broader trends towards secure, innovative cloud solutions that comply with local regulations.

By leveraging the expertise of both Gulf Edge and Google, the partnership aims to drive forward Thailand’s digital transformation journey and support the nation’s burgeoning innovation landscape, reported Bangkok Post.

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