Ups and downs: Man wins lottery then falls to his death down drain

PHOTO: A Nonthaburi man won the lottery then fell down a drain to his death. (via Kaoded)

We’ve all had days with ups and downs, but likely not so much as a Nonthaburi man who won the lottery and then encountered a fatal accident. The 56 year old man chose the number 417 and found himself holding a winning lottery ticket. He immediately went out to celebrate with drinks with his friends, but never made it home.

The man’s older sister said that the lottery winner took care of himself despite suffering from gout, but she became concerned when he never returned home. The man had been out with a small group of 5 people, having a drink to celebrate his lottery winning just hours before. Heavy rain set in at around 7 pm and after an hour more of drinks, the man decided he would head home.

All of his friends assumed that he was home safely and were surprised when his sister showed up looking for him hours later. She said she began to worry after it has gotten late and she hadn’t heard from her brother. The other people that had joined him for a celebration told her that the lottery winner had left long ago.

A search ensued for the missing man down the rain-soaked and flooded local road. Conditions were unsafe, and, on that same rainy night, a delivery driver had driven into a hole and a woman was treated for metal piercing her leg after falling off her bike. Someone eventually found a single flip flop abandoned next to a drain and discovered the body of the 56 year old lottery winner inside that drain.

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By the time police arrived with a rescue service, a friend had already pulled the unfortunate man’s lifeless body out of the drain. Officers investigated and said that, while there was no sign of any foul play, police will perform an autopsy to be safe.

SOURCE: 77Kaoded

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