Medical expenses coverage for two people

Learn more about medical coverage for two people in motorbike insurance.

What is Medical Expense Coverage For Two People?

Medical expense coverage for two people, as the name suggests, covers medical expenses for a maximum of two people in the event of an accident. It safeguards the rider regardless of who is to blame for the collision. Whether you fell into a bush or were hit by another car, your medical expenses will be covered up to the policy’s limit.

If you are involved in an accident and must be transported to the hospital. According to the actual sum charged for two people, the insurance company will assist you in paying for emergency care, surgery, and hospital fees.

Key Points

  • Medical expense coverage for two people in motorbike insurance covers medical expenses for accidental injuries for a maximum of two people.
  • Type 2+ motorbike insurance is the best-fitted type of insurance when it comes to adding medical expense coverage for two people.
  • Before purchasing type 2+ motorbike insurance to get the medical expense coverage for two people, make sure to consider the protection offered, protection limit, and premium amount.

What Type of Motorbike Insurance Offers Medical Expense Coverage For Two People?

In Thailand, Type 2+ motorbike insurance offers medical expense coverage for two to three people. When you and your passenger are involved in an accident, the insurance will help you pay for the medical expenses. Medical expense coverage, unlike personal accident insurance, does not cover missed earnings or other expenses.

Type 2+ motorbike insurance offers many advantages if you want to have medical expenses coverage. Yes, you have to spend a little extra money for additional protection. However, it is still less costly than most comprehensive motorbike insurance and you get more protection than type 3 motorbike insurance. Since the total sum insured is so high, it covers medical costs for up to two persons in an amount not to exceed the policy limit.

With medical expense coverage, you don’t have to worry about paying for the medical costs in case you get into an accident.

What to Consider Before Buying Type 2+ Motorbike Insurance with Medical Expense Coverage for Two People

Motorbike insurance is a voluntary insurance. So you need to take careful consideration before purchasing one to ensure that you get the coverage you need, but you don’t waste your money. Here’s what you need to consider:

You must first find out how the insurance protect you. Remember, each accident is different. People can be injured because their motorbike is damaged or because a responsible driver hit them. Therefore, make sure you choose an insurance plan that protects you in terms of medical costs for any accident.

Protection Limit
This is the amount of coverage provided by the motorbike policy. For example, motorbikes that are 1 to 5 years old may be covered for a maximum of 10,000 THB in the event of a motorbike collision or a maximum of 5,000 THB for each person’s injury.

Insurance Premium
The size of the engine or the CC of the motorcycle you ride will determine the insurance premium you have to pay. The higher the CC, the more expensive the insurance premium will be.

Ride around Thailand with confidence by having medical expense coverage for two people.

Are There Any Other Coverage Provided By Type 2+ Motorbike Insurance Besides Medical Expense Coverage for Two People?

Aside from medical expenses coverage for two people, type 2+ motorbike insurance also offer other related coverage. These include:

  • Protection for the driver and one passenger as if they were one person.
  • Damage to life, body, or health in excess of the Act’s provisions, such as death, disability, and so on.
  • Injury compensation or damage coverage.

What Documents Are Required to Make a Claim For Medical Expense Coverage for Two People?

If you need to make a claim, you must prepare the following documents:

    • Police daily record or logbook that proof the accident.
    • A medical certificate specifying the exact cause of the injury.
    • Copies of birth certificates if the injured person is under the age of 15.
    • A copy of the motorbike registration.
    • A copy of the motorbike insurance policy.
    • A claim form specifying all details about the accident.
    • A copy ofyour bank account or passbook account number.
    • Receipt of medical costs.
    • Copies of ID card and/or the house registration of both parties involved.

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