UN says viral video of Russian troops executing Ukrainian soldier may be authentic

The United Nations believes a viral video of Russian troops executing a Ukrainian soldier may be authentic. The disturbing video appears to show a detained Ukrainian combatant standing in a trench smoking a cigarette. What happens next, is described by viewers as horrifying.

The Ukrainian soldier is shown saying, “Glory to Ukraine,” moments before he is shot to death by multiple automatic weapons. A spokesman for the UN Human Rights Office spoke to the AFP regarding the video, which has now gone viral.

“We are aware of this video posted on social media that shows a Ukrainian soldier hors de combat (not in combat) apparently being executed by Russian armed forces. Based on a preliminary examination, we believe that the video may be authentic.

“Since Russia’s armed attack on Ukraine over a year ago, the UN Human Rights Office has documented numerous violations of international humanitarian law against prisoners of war, including cases of summary execution of both Russian and Ukrainian POWs.

“Impartial and effective investigations must be carried out into all these allegations and those responsible held to account.”

According to the Bangkok Post, Ukraine has vowed to take revenge for the execution, which AFP says it could not independently verify.

Kyiv officials are blaming Russian forces while calling for the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation.

Volker Turk, the UN human rights chief, says that the scale of destruction inflicted by Russia’s war in Ukraine will harm the rights of future generations.

Turk says it was a “betrayal” of the promises made when universal human rights were set in the aftermath of World War II.

“The war in Ukraine has led to civilian casualties and destruction of a shocking magnitude. The rights of Ukrainians will be harmed for generations to come.”

Turk is scheduled to speak further on the war in Ukraine on March 31.

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