Phuket tourists rescued after being caught 3 kilometres off-shore while kayaking

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Phuket Tourist Police have rescued a Dutch couple who became trapped 3 kilometres off-shore while kayaking. The Pattaya News reports that strong waves meant the couple, who are on the island as part of the sandbox scheme, were unable to paddle back to shore.

The incident happened around 1.30pm yesterday, with police responding to a report of the couple’s plight. The tourists were rescued and transported back to their hotel. According to the Pattaya News report, 22 year old Hoppe Martin was kayaking with his girlfriend when heavy rain began to fall and the waves got stronger. The couple got stuck close to Koh Thanan, about 3 kilometres off-shore.

They were able to use their mobile phone to contact the staff at the My Beach Resort Hotel, where they were staying. Hotel staff contacted the tourist police via the 1155 rescue hotline.

It is currently monsoon season on the southern island of Phuket, with occasional heavy rainfall causing high waves and stormy conditions at sea.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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