Irish MEP accuses West of state sponsored terrorism

In yet another robust day of geopolitical debate in the European Parliament, another Irish MEP called out the hypocrisy of the West, this time for its state-sponsored terrorism.

Following in the footsteps of her MEP colleague Mick Wallace, who on Wednesday slammed the double standards of the West, Clare Daly gave a refreshing account of geopolitics far from the usual mainstream media narrative of the US and the West are some sort of moral crusaders healing the world from terrorism and Communism.

The 54 year old Irish-born MEP accused Europe and the US of being warmongers, fanning the flames of hate, and sponsoring state terrorism instead of seeking a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

She said…

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“State sponsorship of terrorism is a term of US law. It doesn’t exist in EU law, but a (Ukraine President Volodymyr) Zelensky advisor called for it in the Parliament magazine. And here we are again reporting for duty. And all it will do is make peace harder to achieve.

“Exactly, of course, what the extremists want. No peace. No off ramps, all bridges burning and Ukraine a permanent abattoir in a suicidal holy crusade against Russia.

“So, if you want to start naming state sponsors of terrorism, let’s do it.

“European sponsorship of Israeli terrorism in Palestine, Western sponsorship of Saudi terror in Yemen, ISIS, the product of French, American, British, Turkish and Gulf sponsorship in Syria and Iraq, decades of right-wing US-backed terrorism against the Cuban Revolution. The Contras in Nicaragua, death squads in Guatemala, in El Salvador.

“Remember Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, horror after horror, terror after terror. There’s nothing constructive about the pot calling the kettle black, would ye ever cop on, start championing peace, an end to the war which is patently in the interests of the EU, Ukrainian, and Russian citizens.”


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