US tourist takes legal action against slap happy Bangkok security guard (video)

The US tourist slapped by a security guard in a Bangkok nightclub says he still loves Thailand despite the assault but added he will be taking legal action against two guards.

The tourist, Rodric Carkhuff, was slapped and handcuffed by a security guard last month outside The Club Khaosan nightclub on Khao San Road after the 34 year old took a bottle of water from the club he thought was free.

Bangkok Post reported that the altercation occurred when a guard, known only as Thongchai, accused Carkhuff of theft. The altercation escalated, and Thongchai proceeded to handcuff and physically assault the foreigner by slapping him twice in the face. The incident was witnessed by another guard, Krisda, who intervened and stopped Thongchai.

A passerby happened to witness the altercation and recorded a video of the incident, which was subsequently uploaded to social media and quickly spread throughout various online platforms.

As a result, the management of the club has issued a public apology, acknowledging the disturbing nature of the incident, and initiated legal proceedings against both guards involved.

Carkhuff alleges that he was subjected to multiple assaults and claims that he witnessed Thongchai brandishing a Spartan knife during the altercation.

US tourist takes legal action against slap happy Bangkok security guard (video) | News by Thaiger

Carkhuff revealed that he had gone out with his brother and two other female friends on the day of the incident. The friend ordered two bottles of beer and the bartender gave him a bottle of water, which he believed was free. He took the drinks back to his table.

A few moments later a guard called the tourist over to discuss the incident which led to him being handcuffed and slapped. Carkhuff was reported as saying in the News Directory…

“I had no intention at all of stealing the water. I understood that drinking water is free to customers when buying alcoholic drinks abroad.”

Carkhuff yesterday filed a complaint at Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) along with his lawyer Kriangsak Pintusornsri at 1.30pm.

The victim dropped the complaint against the club owner after he agreed to accept 50,000 baht compensation.

Kriangsak, however, said the victim will still take legal action against the two guards and will file a report with Chana Songkhram Police on March 20.

Carkhuff worked as an English teacher in Thailand in the past but is back on holiday. He added the unsavoury incident has not diminished his love of Thailand. He said…

“I entered the country in January with plans to fly back to the US in April.

“I still love Thailand and its people despite the incident.”

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