Thai man accuses Canadian man of murdering his sister in Phuket

A Thai man accuses a Canadian man of murdering his younger sister who was found hanged in a nail salon in Phuket, southern Thailand, last week.

He says the Canadian assaulted, held hostage, drugged, and blackmailed his sister just days before her death. She reported him to the police three days prior to being found dead.

The Canadian allegedly offered the family 500,000 baht to drop the charges.

In an interview with the media page Sai Mai Must Survive, Somchai (pseudonym) accused 51 year old “Landy” of Canadian nationality of murdering his 31 year old sister Mali (pseudonym).

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At 2pm on Wednesday, February 8, Somchai was informed by a friend that Mali was found dead at her nail salon in Phuket’s Patong area, hanging with a curtain around her neck.

Upon arriving, rescue workers had already brought down Mali’s body to unsuccessfully attempt CPR.

Her family says it doesn’t make sense that she committed suicide because her body was covered in wounds.

After an initial autopsy at Vachira Phuket Hospital, Mali’s body has been sent for an additional autopsy at the Institute of Forensic Science. The family is still awaiting the results.

Somchai said Mali knew Landy for four to five months. They met at an “entertainment venue” owned by Landy in Phuket and recently decided to get engaged.

At first, Mali was working in the entertainment venue. However, she didn’t feel comfortable working there, so Landy opened a nail salon for her, said Somchai.

On February 5, Mali rang her brother at 8pm saying she had been assaulted and locked in a room at her nail salon by Landy.

At 10pm, Mali managed to escape, said Somchai. Somchai told her to go and report what happened to the police.

Mali went to the police station in Phuket. However, Somchai says the police would not investigate the crime and simply “recorded” it.

At that time, Mali told Somchai that two days prior on February 3, Landy forced her to drink an unknown substance and told her to go to sleep.

Mali had no recollection of what happened. However, Landy said he “took a video clip” during the blackout and sent a message to Mali via LINE threatening to “release the video abroad.”

Mali’s brother is convinced she was murdered by Landy. Somchai says Landy offered him 500,000 baht to not proceed with the criminal case.

Yesterday, Somchai travelled to meet high-profile police officer Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn to expedite the case.

Mali’s family says a suicide doesn’t make sense, not only because of the wounds, but because Mali has two children and a sick father who she would not abandon.

Landy has not yet been arrested.

Somchai decided to take the case to the media after police failed to take Mali’s allegations against Landy seriously in the days prior to her death, he told the media.

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