Prominent company loses 9 million baht in security guard-led heist: Couple arrested in Nong Bua Lam Phu province

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Police have apprehended a security guard and his girlfriend in a rented room in the Nong Bua Lam Phu province, following a burglary in which over 9 million baht was stolen from a prominent company.

The 41 year old male suspect, and his girlfriend, a 27 year old Cambodian national, were arrested on charges of “joint theft of an employer’s property at night while damaging personal and property obstacles or passing through such things in any way.”

The arrest was executed according to a Thonburi Criminal Court warrant (No. 799-800/2566, issued on October 12, 2023). Additional charges were filed against his girlfriend for being “a foreigner fugitive entering and residing in the kingdom without permission.”

The apprehension took place in an unnumbered rental room near the Kud Din Chi fresh market, Ban Rong Nam Sai, Moo 11, Kud Din Chi sub-district, Na Klang district, Nong Bua Lam Phu province.

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Items seized during the arrest include 1,117,000 baht in cash, 168 US dollar notes of US$100 denomination, several pairs of earrings resembling diamonds, precious amulets, gold rings, commemorative banknotes, three mobile phones, a burglary equipment set, a pickup truck, and a Yamaha motorcycle without a license plate. The confiscated items total a value of 9 million baht, reported KhaoSod.

The arrest took place after a company in the Jomthong district, Bangkok, reported a theft at their premises to Bang Mod Police. The investigation led the police to discover that the culprits were Amphon, a security guard, and his wife Toy Tem.

The Bang Mod Police then obtained a court order for their arrest and successfully apprehended them in their rental room in Nong Bua Lam Phu.

Further investigation of the premises led to the discovery of the aforementioned confiscated items, along with 2,708 methamphetamine tablets, a short revolver-type weapon, a black fabric gun case, 24 .380 calibre bullets, and 13 .380 calibre (hollow point) bullets.

During the interrogation, the suspects confessed that they committed the theft to raise money for their unborn child. However, a medical examination revealed no signs of pregnancy in Toy Tem, leading to the speculation that the money might have been intended for drug purchases, given that Amphon tested positive for drug use.

The suspects, along with the confiscated items, were handed over to the investigator to proceed with legal action.

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