PM says probe on Boss case released tomorrow


“It is clearly written, nothing hidden, all the names, their ranks and their respective units.”

Details of an investigation into the alleged mishandling of the Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya hit-and-run case will be made public tomorrow (Tuesday), according to Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha. A fact finding committee set up by the PM has been reviewing the 2012 hit-and-run case where the Red Bull heir allegedly ran over and killed a 47 year old police officer in Thong Lor, Bangkok.

Head of the panel and former election commissioner Vicha Mahakhun says the 100 page report has been condensed to a 10 page summary and it is currently being reviewed by Prayut. He says information such as the names and ranks of police officers involved has not been redacted. A press conference is set for tomorrow following a Cabinet meeting on the report.

“A glance through the summary report and you will know who is at fault. The details are all there. You (the media) will know all when you read the report tomorrow. It is clearly written, nothing hidden, all the names, their ranks and their respective units.”

“There are some recommendations outlined in the report that require the Cabinet’s consent and it will be discussed in a meeting tomorrow before the contents are released to the media. Those who mishandled the hit-and-run case or helped Boss in any way will be dealt with accordingly.”

The office of the attorney general dropped a charge for reckless driving causing death, claiming the incident was caused, instead, by the victim who cut in front of Boss’s Ferrari. One of the 2 witnesses, who provided this alternate story of the events of September 2012, died in a motorcycle incident 3 weeks ago. The new witness testimony, that appeared 7 years after the original event, plus a policeman’s “new” report on the speed Boss’ Ferrari was travelling at the time, were the reasons the deputy director of the OAG used for dropping the final, and most important, “reckless driving causing death” charge.

Boss got out of going to court 8 times (his lawyer always citing ‘other business’ as reason’s for his client’s ‘no show’) before he fled the country in 2017, using his family’s private jet to fly to Singapore, and then abandoned the plane. He hasn’t kept a low profile either. He’s been photographed at events, including Red Bull events, but Thai police insist they do not know his whereabouts. But photographers have been able to track him down a number of times since he fled the country.

2 other panels have investigated the alleged mishandling of the case by police and prosecutors. The National Anti-Corruption Commission investigated the case and filed charges against 11 police officers and former police officers. The Royal Thai Police investigated the case and say 20 police officers allegedly produced a misleading report.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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