Heated petrol station confrontation leads to father and son’s arrest in Prachinburi

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The police issued a statement addressing a viral video of an intense confrontation at a petrol station, in which a hot-headed young man and his father were apprehended. The incident occurred on Sunday in Prachinburi province, Thailand, and involved the father of the young man attempting to obstruct police during the arrest. The youth was charged with two offences, while the father was charged with obstructing law enforcement and property damage.

The video, shared on the ‘Jae Moy V+’ page, depicts several police officers arresting a motorcyclist at a petrol station in Si Maha Phot district. The incident took place on Sunday at around 9.15am. The police, led by Sub Lt. Samhak Boonprakrong, Deputy Chief of Si Maha Phot Police Station, had been informed about an unregistered motorcycle with loud exhaust and modifications resembling racing vehicles being driven on public roads.

When officers tried to stop the vehicle for inspection at the Kok Khwang intersection, the motorcyclist refused to stop and instead entered the PTT petrol station in Kok Khwang. The police then followed and requested the biker, identified as Suwit, to stop for inspection. Suwit was driving a white and red Yamaha motorcycle without a registration plate. It was revealed that Suwit was using his father’s bike to refuel before going on a trip.

During the police’s vehicle inspection and document verification, a man named Nawa, driving another motorcycle, arrived with a woman riding pillion. Nawa introduced himself as Suwit’s father and angrily questioned the police, alleging that they were only targeting his son’s vehicle and not others, reported Khaosod.

Nawa then challenged the police to apprehend all other traffic violators and refused to cooperate during the inspection. Sub Lt. Somkarn tried to explain that the police were apprehending every violator, without exception. However, Nawa instructed his son to drive away, claiming documents concerning the motorcycle were at home. Sub Lt. Somkarn objected as the inspection was not yet complete and seized his motorcycle key to prevent him from fleeing.

This led to a heated confrontation, with Nawa pushing Sub Lt. Samhak, resulting in the officer’s personal mobile phone and tablet falling and being damaged. A scuffle ensued, with Nawa physically resisting arrest. He was eventually apprehended and charged with “resisting or obstructing a law enforcement officer and causing property damage.”

Following the arrest, officers informed the suspects of their charges, rights and legal procedures. The case has since been handed over to investigators for further legal action.

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