Fugitive with three warrants caught after returning to Thailand

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Police apprehended a suspect with three outstanding warrants after he evaded capture for years by hiding in Malaysia. The suspect was caught upon returning home to visit his family yesterday.

Reports indicate that under the direction of Phumipat Phattharasriwongchai, the commander of the Cyber Crime Investigation Division 5, and with orders from Kritthaphob Kaewrot, Deputy Inspector of the Cyber Crime Investigation Group 4, the police executed an arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Court on December 13, 2022. The warrant was for charges of fraud and computer-related crimes.

Police captured 31 year old Soryut, a resident of Village 5, Khuan Thani, Kantang District, Trang Province. He was apprehended on a roadside near a house on Phithak Road, Kantang Subdistrict, Kantang District, Trang Province.

Before the arrest, the Cyber Guard team in Trang had gathered intelligence via social media, discovering Soryut’s whereabouts. Upon confirming his location, officers moved in and arrested him while he was walking along the roadside near the house.

Investigations revealed that Soryut had previously fled to Malaysia to escape arrest and had been residing there for several years. He returned to Thailand to visit his family in Kantang District, where he was ultimately apprehended.

Further checks uncovered that Soryut was also wanted under a warrant from the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court, issued on May 13, 2024, for charges of fraud and introducing false information into a computer system, which could cause damage to others.

Additionally, he was wanted under a Chiang Rai Provincial Court warrant issued on March 3, 2023, for fraud and impersonation. All charges are related to mule accounts, reported KhaoSod.

Following his arrest, police detained Soryut and transported him to Kantang Police Station for further investigation. They documented the arrest and recorded it in the daily log as evidence. Soryut was then handed over to investigators from the Cyber Crime Investigation Group 3 for legal proceedings.

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