Foreign tourist breaks into bank, goes on rampage in northern Thailand

A foreign tourist broke into a Bangkok Bank branch in Pai in the northern province of Mae Hong Son yesterday evening. He smashed his way through several glass doors with rocks and proceeded to cause significant damage to the bank’s property. Police detained him and discovered he was illegally residing in the kingdom.

A foreigner named Kent Douglas Meades – nationality unknown – smashed his way into Pai’s Bangkok Bank at around 7pm last night. He destroyed 2 glass safety doors at the entrance of the bank, 4 more glass doors, 3 computer screens, 2 desk partitions and 1 printer. A passerby filmed the man retrieving rocks from his motorbike and throwing them at the bank, but didn’t dare intervene out of fear of the man’s violent and bizarre behaviour.

It wasn’t long before police found Kent on a public road at around 7:14pm and took him to Pai Police Station for questioning. Kent admitted breaking into the bank and destroying the property but he wouldn’t say what his motive was. He didn’t steal any money. Police found a total of 25 rocks in the man’s motorbike.

Police checked Kent’s passport to discover that he was illegally residing in the kingdom. He previously had a one month tourist visa which ran out on April 17, 45 days prior to the incident.

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The police said nothing like this has ever happened before in Pai, which is a popular tourist destination in northern Thailand.


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