Travel Insurance

  • Whether it’s domestic or international travel insurance get covered with travel insurance to avoid common mishaps such as missing baggage, cancelation of flight or any unexpected emergency situation.


Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance for a single Trip will cover medical expenses in the event of unexpected illness, injury, or death on the matter if you are travelling internationally or domestically.

Popular Travel Insurances in Thailand

International Travel Insurance

Enjoy your journey for 24 hours without having to worry about anything. International travel insurance offers medical services in connection with travel accidents.

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Domestic Travel Insurance

Let your travel insurance cover any medical payments that arise during your trip, get covered with domestic travel insurance to avoid any problems that might occur

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Annual Travel Insurance

We offer annual coverage for any number of trips (international or domestic.). This ensures that you can decide to fly once or take a trip every month and be protected by the same policy.

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Group Travel insurance

Expat insurance in Thailand covers the entire family, or a companion, under one policy. It typically operates cheaper, unless someone has any pre-existing medical disorder that has to be declared.

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Medical Cover for Travel Insurance

Get an additional add on for your travel insurance, your travel insurance should still cover you for most conditions or illness, however, you will still need to research more to see if your travel insurance has the right coverage for you.

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Travel Insurance Basic Information

Are you a non-Thai national searching for insurance to travel in Thailand? Are you looking for Thai life insurance? We want you to feel like you can rely on us and gain confidence in our services and our people through the experience.

Travel insurance for Thailand while Thailand is a tourist-friendly country. It is necessary to protect your belongings and travel plans. Common mishaps such as luggage loss or flight delays can have a huge effect on your tour schedule, so having travel insurance is useful for your next Thailand Tour.

It attracts travellers with its exotic nature and tries many different extreme activities in Thailand such as scuba diving, jungle trekking, bungee jumping, climbing, zipline, rafting, waterfall abseiling, skydiving, and many others. However, always satisfy yourself that the company you use is using the most up-to-date equipment and safety features. Yet there could be unexpected accidents at any moment.

Why not prepare yourself and your parties with Thiager travel insurance? Travel insurance is a benefit you purchase that protects you against any financial risks and losses that could exist when you travel. Such casualties may be small, such as delayed luggage, or severe, such as cancellation of a last-minute trip or medical emergency overseas. The Thaiger has a range of easy insurance forms that are suitable for you, easy to navigate, and efficient.

We are a comprehensive, cost-efficient, and cost-effective organization in Thailand. Just fill out the insurance details online with your device.

Why wait? Just spend a few thousand to ten thousand THB on our Insurance to save money on your budget if you have problems in the future. You don’t need to think about the hospital bill, damage to your possessions, etc. Throw away your risk and any unexpected payment with Thaiger and feel free to enjoy your journey.

Why get insurance with the Thaiger?

  • Quick and simple with the right offer, we have the complete insurance guides on our online platform.
  • Always up-to-date with accurate information about insurances, finance, travel, and other related topics.
  • Best business to business prices.


FAQ about insurance in Thailand

1. What is the best travel insurance in Thailand for foreigners?

You require travel insurance and a good medical cover to travel to Thailand. There are numerous illnesses that are typically preventable but can pose significant health threats. Choose the right one that suits your travel.

2. Covid-19 travel insurance?

Now you can make purchases and get the Covid-19 credential policy immediately. Buy easy travel insurance in 3 minutes and get instant coverage. No matter where your destination is. With a lot of extensive coverage that suits you with a range of deals to cover transport, flight, medical costs, land, and more.

The recommendation to get a Covid 19 travel insurance. You can purchase it after payment for transport and accommodation to cover in event of cancellation or some other emergency. In case of travel cancellation, you must show a Schengen visa and a document from the embassy to claim a travel insurance refund.

3. Benefit for having travel insurance?

Cancellations can cover prepaid costs, such as accommodation, travel, and car rental. Health spending can cover emergency medical expenses as usual over certain plans and can expand the coverage to include certain extra events. If you choose to cover gadgets, ensure that it is protected by your selected policies as usual, or else you can apply it to the quotation list as an addition. The doctor-managed emergency care assistance is available 24 hours a day, with accidental death and injury coverage in most parts of the travel policies. This offers a certain advantage if you stop the unforeseen after an accident on your trip.

4. Will my travel insurance coverage protect any pre-existing medical conditions?

Many travel insurance plans include a pre-existing medical condition of restriction for travellers. Pre-existing conditions can be as minimal as a healed fracture, or as complex as cardiac disease. By buying a travel insurance policy within the first two weeks, travellers will make sure that their trip is covered.