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International Travel Insurance

Don’t let anything ruin your dream trip with International Travel Insurance.

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Why Choose the Thaiger for Your International Travel Insurance?

We can help you throughout the entire process, from understanding your options to choosing the right plan according to your needs and budget. Customer satisfaction is our aim, so we always make sure that everything is safe, fast, and straightforward.

What is International Travel Insurance?

Planning to travel overseas? An international trip can be the experience of a lifetime, but keep in mind that any mishaps and accidents can happen at any moment. This is where international travel insurance can help you.

International travel insurance is a plan you purchase to protect you from certain financial losses and risks that can happen while travelling overseas. It helps you to be more prepared for unexpected and unwanted situations that you might encounter along the way.

From minor nuisances like a flight delay to major emergencies like an injury that requires hospitalisation, international travel insurance can provide the needed financial protection while you’re travelling outside your home country.

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Why Should You Purchase International Travel Insurance?

Feeling apprehensive about buying international travel insurance? We have listed several reasons why you need to purchase international travel insurance below.

Financial Losses

In case your trip gets cancelled, or you lose your passport, or you get into an accident. Without travel insurances, dealing with these unwanted situations can cost a lot of money.

Health Insurance May Not Work Overseas

You may already have health insurance and think that you don’t need international travel insurance, but most health insurance doesn’t cover medical care overseas or only offer limited coverage.

Balance the Risks

Most people travel to another country to try new things, whether that’s paragliding or scuba diving. These adventures can be risky, with international travel insurance, you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest with out a worry.

Medical Evacuations

No one wants to get seriously sick or badly hurt, especially when travelling overseas, but these unfortunate conditions can happen. International travel insurance can pay for your medical evacuation.

What Type of Coverage Does Travel Insurance Offer?

Many people get super excited before their international trip that they forget about the unplanned events that can happen. With international travel insurance, you can be covered for unexpected incidents that may occur before and during your travels. The coverage can be different depending on the type of plan you choose, but in general, it can include the following covers.

Medical Cover

If you get injured or ill during your trip overseas, medical cover can help you with the expenses. This cover enables you to focus on getting better instead of worrying about the costs. Without international travel insurance, you are most likely have to pay the costly medical bills our of your own pocket.

Crisis Assistance Cover

Unexpected crises are more common than you think. With international travel insurance, you are provided 24/7 assistance, no matter how far you are from home. The assistance includes expert help if you need medical assistance, medical evacuation, travel document replacement, legal assistance, emergency cash transfer, and more. While it can’t prevent unforeseen circumstances from happening, it can certainly make navigating these situations much simpler and easier.

Trip Cancellation Cover

You plan your trip months in advance, but personal situations can change before your scheduled departure date. With international travel insurance, your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs can be reimbursed if you become sick, injured, called into work, or even if the weather halts your travel plans.

Trip Interruption Cover

Leaving a trip abruptly, especially due to a sudden illness, death of a loved one, flooding, or other unforeseeable events, are not fun. However, international travel insurance can help offer guidance and protection when such circumstances arise.

Flight Delays Covers

Flight delays are not only frustrating but also costly. International travel insurance can reimburse you for additional meals, accommodation, and other travel expenses due to a covered departure delay.

Loss of Belongings and Baggage Cover

Losing your belongings or baggage can ruin your trip abroad, but international travel insurance can save the day. It can reimburse you for the reasonable additional purchase of essential items if your baggage is delayed and reimburse you for the actual price if your baggage is lost.

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Customer Reviews


The best experience I’ve ever had buying travel insurance! Contacting the thaiger for travel insurance was a great decision! They were quick, detailed and extremely helpful! 5 stars!

Armed Muhammad


“It was such a relief to be able to purchase the insurance now I have the confidence to travel without any worries or concerns.”

Lyda Jones


Reading about international travel insurance has given me a lot of insight into what policies to look for and what different covers they offer, the Thaiger has done a very nice job of showing their details and inquiring about all policies are free.

Jimmy Simons


Excellent, quick and fairly easy experience. Very happy with the policy, will definitely use it in the future.

Tessa Harley


It’s very easy to find international travel insurance but finding one that suits your need is a different story. The thaiger and their partners have provided a lot of detail through the website and call about the different benefits.

Phill Karlsson


I had a very nice experience buying international travel insurance, throughout the process, I felt safe and the application was simple. The staff was really supportive and answered all my question. Outstanding service 5 stars!

Rick Muller

Types of International Travel Insurance Plans

International travel insurance plans can be divided into several main types, based on your travel frequency and who you travel with. These international travel insurance types can be tailored to your specific needs, who you travel with, and where in the world you’re travelling to. Remember that each policy is different, so read the details carefully before making a final decision.

This type of international travel insurance covers you for a single overseas trip. As soon as your trip ends and you fly home, the validity of single trip international travel insurance ends. Whether you travel for leisure, work, or educational purposes, this international travel insurance can protect you from numerous situations.

Key Points:

  • Best if you only plan to take one international trip a year.
  • You can customise your insurance options.
  • Has a pay-per-use concept, meaning you only spend on what is necessary.
  • More affordable for infrequent travellers.

Annual International Travel Insurance covers you for multiple trips in a year. In other words, you will be covered for the rest of the year from the moment your annual travel insurance kicks off. It saves you the extra cost and hassle of buying travel insurance every time you plan to travel overseas. With this type of international travel insurance, you can opt for last-minute travels without hesitation.

Key Points:

  • Best if you travel overseas frequently.
  • More cost-effective, as you only have to pay once for multiple travels.
  • Cover you for a limited period for each trip you have in a year, usually up to 30 days each.
  • Easy renewals.

As the name suggests, individual international travel insurance covers a single person. It is perfect for independent travellers, as well as those who don’t travel with family or a big group of people. You can either choose single or annual covers, depending on your travel frequencies. This type of travel insurance covers many things, from trip cancellation to medical emergency. You also have the liberty to choose what coverage you want, depending on your specific needs.

Travelling alone, for some people, can be a scary thing, but individual international travel insurance secures all possible risks. It provides you with help and assistance anywhere you go. Solo travellers can leave their worries behind and enjoy a fun-filled trip with this type of insurance.

Key Points:

  • The simplest and most economical option for independent travellers.
  • Get a quick payment of claims.
  • Always have assistance even when you’re alone.
  • A good choice if you are over 65 years old.

Arranging a family holiday can be stressful enough, and choosing an international travel plan can make it more complicated. Fortunately, you can select family international travel insurance, one plan covering your entire family — quick and simple.

Most family international travel insurance cover you (the policyholder), your spouse, and two of your dependent children. However, you can also choose to have more family members covered, whether it is the grandparents or more children. This type of international travel insurance can be customised to your travel frequency, single trip or annual.

Key Points:

  • Designed for families who are travelling abroad together.
  • Can be multi-generational, from the parents, grandparents, to the kids.
  • Only covers for children under the age of 21 who are dependant on their parents.

Travelling abroad with a large group of people? Group international travel insurance is the perfect option for you. It can cover an entire group of 10 or more under one policy, whether you’re travelling with your extended family, best friends, the members of your organisation, or whoever you want to travel with, as long as the group travels to the same destination together. Like other international plans, you can choose a single trip or annual covers.

Key Points:

  • Ideal for a group of more than 5 people travelling together.
  • More cost-effective and simple for a large group of people.
  • Good for companies.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance on your next trip.

I’m happy I purchased this international travel insurance, even though I haven’t had to use it. These are troubling times, and the insurance really give me the needed peace of mind! Felt safe throughout my trip. The application was easy, and I could customise it according to my travel plans. The team was helpful. They made sure everything was easy to understand.

Top tip: If you travel more than three times a year, it’s cheaper to get the annual plan.

Why The Thaiger?

Here at The Thaiger, we explore every insurance option available on the market, whether it is international or domestic travel insurance. We take care of all the research and comparison, saving you time, energy, and money. We know that everyone is different, so we work with you to get to know your needs and plans, then provide the most appropriate solutions to protect you during your trip.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their international travel insurance with The Thaiger.

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Other Types of International Travel Insurance Plans

Besides the frequency of your travel and who you travel with, you can also choose international travel insurance based on the type of traveller you are and where you plan to go.

Senior Citizen International Travel Insurance

This insurance covers elderly people who are travelling insurance overseas. It is usually offered to people above the age of 60 to 65 years.

Student International Travel Insurance

If you are travelling abroad to study, student international travel insurance is the right choice. It offers student-specific coverage, such as sponsor protection, study interruption, and compassionate visit.

Corporate International Travel Insurance

This type of international travel insurance is designed for business travellers.

Medical Travel Insurance

Medical tourists, or people who travel abroad for medical treatments, can benefit from this travel insurance.

Asia Travel Insurance

People travelling to any country in Asia can purchase this insurance plan.

Schengen Travel Insurance

This travel insurance is custom-made for people travelling to the 26 European countries that are members of the Schengen area.

Worldwide Travel Insurance (Including USA and Canada)

This type of insurance plan is for everyone travelling to any part of the world, including the USA and Canada.

Covid-19 Insurance

Most travel insurance policy excludes cover for pandemics, meaning it will not cover losses due to the coronavirus or cover for the medical expenses if you contracted Covid-19 during your trip. Due to these reasons, combining travel insurance with Covid-19 insurance is necessary for many travellers.

Suppose you are diagnosed with Covid-19 during your trip, all the medical and necessary expenses will be covered. It is also a requirement for tourists who want to travel to Thailand. The Thai government requires visitors to have Covid-19 insurance covering a minimum of $100,000 or ฿3.5 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Travel Insurance

You can buy your international travel insurance policy at any time you want, even if you haven’t booked your flights. Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you buy as soon as you pay for your tickets to protect you against any unexpected situations between your flight bookings and departure date.

The age range depends on the international travel insurance policy you choose. Most travel insurance policy covers people aged 1-65 years old. However, some insurers offer international plans for senior citizens who are above 65 years old.

In most cases, no. If you are sick before your travels, make sure to notify your insurer.

Most insurers don’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, it is best that you notify the insurer first since some do offer coverage for pre-existing conditions as long as you tell them beforehand.

Yes, you can postpone it by notifying the insurance company before the start date of your international travel insurance policy.

The maximum trip duration varies, depending on the insurer and the specific policy you choose. In most cases, however, it covers you for a maximum of 180 days while travelling.

If you get sick abroad, call your insurer’s helpline for advice. They should be able to direct you to a medical facility and tell you the documents you need to make a claim.

No, international travel insurance only provides cover of loss baggage from logistical failures and theft.

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